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The tax and accounting experts at Etax Local help you make business decisions that create success.

Does your business legally minimise taxes?

Reducing total taxes paid can make a big difference to your business success. But, doing it wrong can be costly – or illegal.

As tax compliance experts, our team know the ATO’s concerns and triggers. They guide you from the start to ensure your tax returns legally minimise tax and the chance of ATO audits.

Getting the right tax advice for correct tax returns?

Getting it wrong can mean a serious debt or balance sheet problem which can cripple the success of your business.

Statistically speaking, there is over a 60% chance that any new small business in Australia will fail within just three years. This does not need to be your business. Don’t leave your business’s taxes – and its future – to chance.

Do you reduce tax and legal risk for your business?

Don’t risk the future and success of your business with the wrong advice.

Etax Local can give you the information you need about your business entity type, trusts, finances and taxes so you can keep business risks to a minimum.

Accountants should save you time, not demand your time

You can get expert service and advice without paying for excess meetings or wasted time

Etax Local are experts at analysing your business and handling your taxes remotely, with little need for appointments or meetings that waste your money and your time.

When we need to connect with you, it can usually be done in just minutes via live chat, video, phone or our secure online portal. There’s no need for travel, parking, and wasted time.

We aim to maximise convenience and efficiency for you.

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Reviews from real Etax Local clients

  • "Since moving over to Etax local with Keith at the helm handling all my tax returns - Personal, Self Managed Superfund, Company and Partnership - I have been very pleased with the courteous and thorough approach to my tax returns. Even though I'm in Western Australia there has been no issue and I thank all the team behind the scenes for their help with some very complex issues at times."

    Gary Gordon | Building Inspector

    Etax Local Client Testimonial 2018
    Very pleased with the courteous and thorough approach
  • "We have been using Etax Local for our last two years tax returns and have been very happy with their communication and expertise."

    Michael Fleming, Business Operations Manager, House Washing Experts

    Etax Local Client Testimonial
    Very happy
  • 5

    "We have been dealing with Etax Local for last 5 years and they have been very helpful to assist us and sort out very important tax related matters for us. Highly recommended."

    Pinaki Chatterjee | DTDC Australia

    Etax Local Client Testimonials
    Highly recommended

Services Designed for Your Small Business


Small Business Accounting

Etax Local offer small business accounting

From a new start-up to a mature SME, Etax Local provides the high quality business accounting advice and flexibility you need to grow.


Company Tax Returns

keep your company tax returns up to date with Etax Local

Etax Local give you the confidence of knowing you minimise your company’s taxes AND remain legally compliant, year after year.


BAS Services

Etax Local BAS Services

At Etax Local, our friendly, service orientated team offer a range of BAS services and lodgement options to suit all small business owners


Small Business Tax Returns


Etax Local makes small business taxes easy, risk-free and affordable for Australian small businesses in every industry.